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We are a leading pioneer in the industry and a highly recommended treatment service provider, well-famed for our Endermologie. This is an effective non-invasive face and body treatment intended for rejuvenation, skin firming, cellulite reduction, natural lipolysis, cellular regeneration, contouring, stimulation of the lymphatic system, and relaxation. This technique is a way to stimulate your skin, soften the underlying fat, and promote blood and lymphatic circulation. Paired with a healthy lifestyle and moderately regular exercise, our Endermologie treatment can last for up to 6 months.
Our team of expert treatment providers recommends multiple sessions and maintenance sessions for the best results. Endermologie is a therapeutic and mechanical massage technique, each painless session lasting around 30 minutes or more.

Myths and Facts: Busting the Surrounding Myths About Endermologie

Beauty standards have been a factor and reason why people, particularly women, try to seek ways to enhance their body and overall physique and achieve their desired preferences about beauty. However, as much as they want to achieve these fashionably and naturally, some still dare to undergo cosmetic surgeries for immediate results.

Wrinkles are one of the reasons people undergo these surgeries. These are unavoidable as we age. While some are aging like fine wine, some opt for Bella Vita Vegas’ non-invasive fat reduction in Providence, Las Vegas. With our natural treatment, you can achieve desirable results without undergoing costly cosmetic surgeries. Sadly, some still undergo these surgeries without understanding or knowing the real benefits of Endermologie.

Here are the myths and facts of Endermologie: endometriosis

Myths Facts
Endermologie eliminates all cellulite Endermologie cannot eliminate all cellulite, rather, it reduces the appearance of cellulite by breaking up fat cells, boosting blood circulation, and improving lymphatic drainage.
Immediate results right after Endermologie treatments Most people do not see immediate results. It takes multiple sessions and time for you to achieve apparent and desirable results.
Endermologie helps you lose massive weight Some of our clients have seen and experienced weight or fat loss. Endermologie treatments are not built to or intended to help you lose massive weight.
Everyone is a good candidate for Endermologie treatments Not everyone is recommended to try Endermologie treatments. Those who are pregnant, have varicose veins, are currently taking blood thinners, have a blood clot history, and have cancer, diabetes, or other serious medical or health conditions, are not a good fit for our treatments.
Endermologie treatment is too painful Endermologie is a relaxing massage. Some may feel a little discomfort during the deep-tissue massage or treatment session. However, our treatments are never too painful.

For wrinkle reduction in Providence, Las Vegas, and to benefit from the facts and advantages of Endermologie when it comes to beauty enhancement, reach Bella Vita Vegas, your trusted service provider, at 702-569-1649.